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  1. Roto rasp  is not just an ordinary sanding disc.It  removes more stock, quicker then any other sanding tool.That makes it a funtastic sculpting tool.It strikes great balance between speed of stock removal and finish.Many of our customers are wood sculptors and ones they have tried Roto rasp, they never looked back.It became an indispensible tool in their trade.It saves a lot of time and effort.If you need to shape difficult profiles Roto rasp is your best friend.These are some of the wood sculptures made by our customers using Roto rasp

    drvena klupa obradjena roto raspom 1_resize bench1bench


  2. Roto Rasp is an excellent tool for paint removal.It does not matter how many layers of paint or varnish you need to remove, Roto Rasp will do it in a few gentle strokes and leave bare wood behind.

    It would work perfectly on any kind of wood , even railway slippers or old joists, any old and stained wood.All the debris will disperse and never clog up the disc.Therefore, it does not heat up, so you do not have to stop working.This makes it ideal for any wood restoration jobs; wood floor sanding, specially in hard to reach areas,near the skirting boards,near the radiator pipes etc;wooden and plastic boat renovations.

    The speed with which Roto Rasp will remove layers of paint or varnish, makes it an indispensable paint removal tool for big sanding jobs.

    Forget sandpaper or aluminium oxide discs, there is no other sanding disc currently on the market which can match its performance.